The Homeless Are Mocking Me

June 10, 2009 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

This morning I arrived to Caldwell Park for Boot Camp and saw Romen’s usual instruments of torture (kettle bells, weights, medicine balls) strewn about. There was also a sort of lumpy mass of what looked like blankets. Honestly, I didn’t think twice about the new addition, since Romen’s brought everything from monster tires to sledge hammers in the past.

Turned out Romen hadn’t brought the lump. It was a homeless guy (or a guy who just happened to have a sleeping bag in his car for sleeping off a night of debauchery). Instead of waking him, or setting up at the other side of the park, we just worked out around him.

I have to admit, I was jealous. Today’s Boot Camp was close to torture, and Romen kept yelling his catch phrase, “Rest while you’re sleeping!” I wanted to be homeless if it meant sleeping like a baby instead of hurling a medicine ball at the ground.

I’ve been wanting to sleep a lot lately, since I’ve given up caffeine. Most people just have a headache for a day or two after giving it up, but, in rare cases, you can experience depression, headache, severe muscle aches, nausea and other “flu-like symptoms” for up to nine days! Guess which category I fall into? At least, when you have the actual flu, you get to sleep.

Instead, I’m busy counting grams of protein. In addition to giving up caffeine, Romen suggests that I take B vitamins (done), stagger my carbs, and increase my protein considerably. I’m supposed to be getting around 100 grams every day, which is tough on a vegetarian diet.

So I’m cooking up lots of egg whites and nodding off during meetings. But I’ll soldier on. That’s what Boot Camp’s all about, right?

Oh, and by the way, Sleeping Bag Guy didn’t wake up the ENTIRE time, even through all the yelling to work harder, Katy Perry songs blasting out of the stereo, and some yippy dog barking at his face for about five minutes. Impressive.


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Decaf Carrie Goes to Boot Camp (Part II) Diet Confusion

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