Diet Confusion

July 17, 2009 at 4:38 pm Leave a comment

In a perfect world, I would be a low-glycemic, caffeine-free, sugar-free, whole food, no-processed-goods vegan.  At least according to all the books I’ve been reading recently.

I haven’t had much to say on Recession Diet for quite some time, mostly because I am trying to figure some things out with regard to my diet and health.  I ditched Weight Watchers some time ago, not long after I became a vegetarian.  Also around that time, I started reading books like The Truth About Beauty, Becoming Vegetarian, Skinny Bitch (possibly the most ridiculous and offensive book ever written about nutrition), and The Low GI Diet Revolution.  Yeah – information overload.  I have since become paranoid about everything that I put into my mouth, and have allowed my life to revolve around food – in a good , but still stress-inducing, way.  I am still doing my research, but am considering becoming a vegan (yikes!) and have already given up coffee (okay, it’s only been three days, but still).

I plan to update more frequently as I figure out what style of eating is best for me and my body.  Until then, I will remain stressed out and confused about food.



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The Homeless Are Mocking Me

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