It’s Amanda!

n502406454_1440801_16563Dieting is disappointing – that is no secret.  I have tried it all my life but still carry around the 30+ extra pounds that I’ve had since I was an awkward 15-year-old, with the exception of one brief and glorious year in college when I lost 25 pounds by a combination of working out obsessively and breaking up with a long-term boyfriend.  Turns out, being dumped does wonders for your ass.

I’ve spent six years trying to get the proverbial weight loss ball rolling again, without much success.  I even trained for and ran two half marathons and my weight didn’t budge.  I only ended up with a bum knee and heavy sense of defeat.  But now, I think, I am ready to finally kick Fat in it’s stupid fugly face.  My diet of choice is Weight Watchers.  I have tried this several times before and have given up either because I lacked motivation and accountability, or because I got so tired of trying to calculate the Points in the 2/3 of a potato chip that I ate that I quickly tossed my WW booklets in the trash and reached for the brownies.  I’m hoping that this time will be much different, and that the competition provided by Carrie will be the catalyst I need to lead a healthier lifestyle.

With the current state of the economy, eating healthily can be expensive.  The price of decent produce can be high, as can the prices for “health food” items such as whole grains and organic foods (especially for grocery store snobs like me).  Here, we hope to find the secrets to eating smart on a tight budget.  And as a barista/nanny/student, I don’t know that mine could be any tighter.


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